How to Choose the Right Removal Company

The Consumer Voice offices have moved a few times, as have our members. From hiring a man and van to spending thousands on a national removal company between us we’ve seen it all.

Putting our heads together we now know how to find a removal company that will make the process easier without breaking the bank.

Here are our top tips if you are moving on a budget.

Consider the Options

A man with a van or a DIY move may seem cost effective but you must be very fit and able to help with all of the heavy lifting. Your valuables may not be insured as you transport them from A to B and you may find you make many trips rather than just one or two. Once you’ve ruled out these, use our checklist to find the perfect removals firm.

Service with a Smile

Customer service is crucial in the removals industry. You’ll be spending at least a day with these people and you’ll be trusting them with your precious items. If you have children they will also be around when your children are feeling unsure of the future, a grumpy face can easily fuel those fears.

There are also many small hiccups that can occur when you move and you need a firm that can adapt with a smile rather than adding stress to an already difficult situation.

Great Back Up

There are many removal companies out there, let’s face it, on the surface it isn’t a highly skilled job, yet it’s this that prompts many to start their own businesses, hiring a van and selling their services. Unfortunately these rarely have any insurance and you have absolutely no protection should breakages happen en route. They also don’t possess the necessary health and safety training that is crucial to keep you and your family safe when moving very large and heavy furniture.

Transparent Pricing

A few of us here at The Consumer Voice have been stung with estimates as a removal firm have told us one price only to get to the end of the job and to add on more. A good firm will give you a clear price, whether it’s by the hour or by room and they’ll stick to this even if they encounter any problems.

Local Removals

While it’s tempting to go with a huge national firm, these are rarely the best option. They’re very expensive due to their incredible overheads and have little personalisation. If moving within a local area a local removal firm is ideal but check for reviews, history and ask around first.

Top Tips to Avoid Scams

  1. If you are told something has broken in transit ask to see the object. Unfortunately in the bigger cities some con men tell you this when really they are stealing the item.
  2. Make boxes tamper proof by using parcel tape followed by permanent marker that goes across the box.
  3. Save from forking out for boxes, ask the removal firm if they supply them
  4. Don’t forget to include your garden ornaments and furniture in the move
  5. Get a written quote so you can use it if they do try to increase the fee.
  6. If you feel fit, ask if the price can be reduced if you help with the removals
  7. Try to kill two birds with one stone and see if they’ll take all your surplus items to the charity shop or tip first.
  8. Pack the kettle last!

The Consumer Voice does of course have a favourite local removals York side, one Ralph Gosine of vanmanyork heads. He fits all of the criteria and absolutely loves his job, a rare quality to find these days. Starting out as a man with a van in York he now has a fleet of vehicles and assistants for any business or residential move. Tell us about your favourite removal firm in your town or county, our readers would love some recommendations.

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