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If you’ve had a baby in the last 7 years you probably already own a Gro Company product. Their high quality sleeping bags for babies provide the ultimate safe, cosy and soft sleeping environment for little ones. They eliminate nuisances such as covers falling off and for panicky parents, like me, they put minds at rest knowing the cover can’t cover a baby’s head. They help to keep baby at the optimum temperature in summer or winter too, removing the risk of overheating or hypothermia.

When Percy turned 4 I waved goodbye to the Gro Company. As our last baby, it was time to put my relationship with this fabulous company aside. THEN I spotted the toddler bedding, that uses a full size single duvet and allows a normal sized single bed to be transformed into a sleeping bag, but not just any sleeping bag, this is a Gro Company sleeping bag.


As always, the designs are bright, light and attractive, especially the stripes, while the cotton covers are completely breathable and solve a myriad of problems. Encasing the mattress and pillow in one single sheet ensures the pillows don’t go walkabout when the toddler is asleep. Attached to this is the duvet with a handy high quality zip, detachable for convenience, it transforms the entire bed.

We adored the quilts too, from summer tog to winter as they are light but soft and cosy, a toddler slumber winner.

The size ensures this set will grow up with your child, while the easy care fabric is safe, chemical free and mild. Visit the Gro Company to see the latest designs.


Reviewed and Approved by The Consumer Voice
Reviewed and Approved by The Consumer Voice

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