Galt Marble Racer
Galt Marble Racer

Galt Marble Racer

By Martina Mercer

We’re always pretty positive here at the Consumer Voice and approach every product as if we already love it. This makes many of our reviews positive which is great for you as you can find out what to buy. In situations like this though, with the Galt review, we feel we should have been a little more conservative with our stars before as the 100% star rating we’re about to give this just doesn’t do it justice.

With three main child reviewers, it’s hard to please them all, from Percy who has just turned 3 to Mitchell who is 13 and Poppy at 9 in between. If there has ever been a game they have enjoyed together, (with the exclusion of Kidcampz) it’s usually a gimmick never to be seen again.

Marble Racer is different. It’s had so much use over this past week that I now feel as though I’m lulled to sleep by the sound of marbles rolling down a melamine hill. Not only has the tall tower been constructed, adapted and moved, it has also been added to other toys to see how far the marbles will go. Right now it sits on a toy garage and the children (and their father) are very impressed that the marbles continue to go down all parking levels before exiting on the floor.

Games have also been made up, using the colours, the journey of the marbles, the size of the marbles and the speed. It’s not a gimmick at all.

It’s also prompted conversations with grown ups and grandparents as it brings back memories and finally bridges the generation gap and gives children and adults a game they can play together.

We love it, we can’t champion it enough, we want more!

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