A First Look at the Top Toys for Christmas 2014

We are still putting together our master  Top Toys for Christmas 2014 list (read that as we are still playing with toys and trying to decide which ones should make it onto the list). This is our not-quite master list. That’s not to say that some of these won’t make it onto the big list (or that they don’t deserve to), it simply means that we are giving you a heads up so that may get started on your shopping.

The LeapFrog LeapBand Activity Tracker 

We really can’t tell you how excited we are by this latest LeapFrog invention. This wrist-watch looking gadget keeps your little one occupied for hours as they work to keep their pet amused, well and happy. Games and activities earn points (which may also be sync’d between other LeapFrog devices) including an array of physical activities, encouraging children to run jump, wave their arms and more. This is the perfect merging of digital fun and health-boosting exercise. ABCZone currently have free delivery on Leapfrog products



If you’ve not met Ollie, it’s time you did, this is one of our top toys for this year. Ollie is fantastic and can be controlled by an APP, while making every young scientists Christmas wish complete. It’s the little robot with the big attitude, and friends will be champing at the bit to compete. Comes complete with an Ollie T-Shirt so you can shout about your great taste.



This top rated game ticks all of the boxes, being both fun and educational. There is no need for pens, paper or even a board so Bananagrams may be played anywhere, A great gift for the young crossword or puzzle fans this top game is helping to boost literacy skills through fun gameplay. Games may last as little as five minutes or longer, making this the perfect family game for all ages. Kids also seem to love the banana shaped pouch the tiles are kept in!

Lego Ultra Agents

A quirky set that will be a hit as it fits neatly in all categories. We did want to bring you news/ reviews of the Lego Minecraft and Lego Movie sets but we haven’t reviewed these so can’t tell you if they’re good value for money or not. Feedback from previous releases of Lego Minecraft suggested it was very expensive for what it actually was, Lego may have adapted this for the new sets.

In the meantime we can tell you that the Lego Agents truck is great value for money, has plenty of mini-figures and will blend seamlessly with other sets such as Lego City and Creator.

Lego ultra agents

K’Nex Model Building Set

Whether your children are already familiar with K’Nex or not this classic construction toy is simply timeless, which means that not only will the kids enjoy making imaginative creations, their parents will too. With 702 pieces in this particular box, and many other sets available there are enough pieces to make hot air balloons, trucks, boats and much more.

As a gift for a single child or as one for siblings to share whoever will be lucky enough to receive this present at Christmas will be set up for hours of creativity and fun.

Frozen Plush Dolls

Frozen is of course the Disney movie which has taken the world by storm, with many parents finding themselves humming the Let it Go tune to themselves while travelling to work. The captivating characters and storyline have ensured that Frozen has remained a firm favourite amongst children of a wide age range. Plush toys are particularly popular at the moment and look set to stay that way, as are costumes.



Keep your eyes open for our comprehensive Toy Tops for Christmas 2014 piece however in the meantime if any of these appeal to you now could be the time to order them as they could well be on everyone’s radar soon which means they’ll be selling out fast.

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