Ferrero Rocher Bunnies

We adore Ferrero Rocher and so it wasn’t much of a chore when asked to review these bunnies. We must admit we’re huge fans of Lindt as we always stock up at Christmas with bears to hang from the tree and reindeer with bells. These bunnies were very well received and soon became the favourite as adults and children fought over the hazelnut chocolate inside. They make a great gift for any adult from 18 -100 but they’re also seen as a very decadent treat by children. As Ferrero is famed for the chocolates that mother’s love, the kid’s really did feel special receiving a bunny that was made out of this golden chocolate.

For us Ferrero Rocher Bunnies are a winner!

aster / Spring:


Ferrero Rocher Novelty Bunny

Coniglio Ferrero Rocher Int



Sainsbury’s, Morrison’s, Tesco and Debenhams

Ferrero Rocher Novelty Mini Bunny

Ferrero Bunny moulded T1



Tesco, Co-Op

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