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Dressing Baby for Summer and Unpredictable British Weather

This summer has been strange as one moment we’re planning a barbecue as we feel the backs of our necks burn in the strong sunshine whilst the next we’re ushering guests inside as the heavens open and thunder threatens to penetrate the house.

Knowing how to dress your baby or toddler for the weather is difficult as even the evening temperatures are changing rapidly leaving us wondering if they’re too hot, too cold, or simply making the most of the lighter nights! Dressing baby for summer and the unpredictable British weather can be a chore.

Temperature is one constant we all struggle with when we bring our first new-born home, as we can feed, change nappies and wind a baby to alleviate discomfort but never quite know if they need more or less clothes. Health visitors urge parents to err on the side of caution as a baby that’s a little chilly is a lot less dangerous than one that overheats.

As new-borns have difficulty regulating their own temperatures the responsibility lies with us to get it right, and in our unpredictable British summers this is no easy task. No sooner have we secured the poppers on the baby vest, added tights and then a dress do we feel the need to whip off half the clothes as the sun makes a short appearance.

Heat rashes are also common and although they are quite scary for new parents, once the first has appeared it’s easy to notice the signs. The heat rashes develop as unnatural fibres keep perspiration locked close to the skin, making it difficult for baby’s skin to breathe resulting in an angry looking red rash.

Teething can also send the baby temperature gage into overdrive as just the eruption of one tooth can raise baby’s fever by a degree, that’s why keeping baby at the optimum temperature is all too important and natural fibres can help.

Cotton as a natural textile is a breathable product, when produced in its purest form with no added chemical such as to the stipulations of OEKO Tex Standard 100 it can soothe skin and remove any irritation from the wearing of clothes. Allowing fresh air to permeate dresses, T-shirts and Bandanna bibs can help to regulate warmth keeping baby at the perfect degree.

In summer the addition of a bib can seem like adding an extra layer of clothes to an outfit, yet the bandanna bibs funky giraffe bibs provide have this in mind. As they are made from 100% natural cotton they allow baby’s skin to breathe whilst still keeping chests dry from dribbles. Parents find this a wonderful benefit especially for a teething baby, as dribbles are locked in the felt backing so they don’t cause an extra rash on baby’s delicate skin.

These bandanna bibs also have two sets of poppers so if baby would benefit from a looser fit the parents can adjust the bib to suit. This makes sure that the fabric doesn’t stifle the child but with the chemical free textiles any that touches the skin will be soothing and not an irritant.

100% cotton T-shirts are the perfect wardrobe item for babies and toddlers in summer as they cover shoulders and backs from the harmful sun’s rays whilst still allowing the air to breathe so baby feels cool and comfortable. Some parents adore the cotton T-shirts in summer so much that they soon become the sleeping attire of choice, making sure heat rashes are kept to a minimum as baby gently snores the night away.

Now the nights are turning a little chillier we are concerned about our baby’s comfort, despising the thought of them shivering we often over compensate adding bodysuits to vests before placing blankets in the cot. However, health visitors do suggest that baby should not be wrapped up too warmly and never be given a hat to wear to bed as this is where the majority of heat escapes and it can cause increases in temperature if it’s not allowed to escape. Instead choose a T-shirt or pyjamas and if you think it maybe colder add another blanket or sheet, from breathable natural fibres that will allow warmth without overheating. Always make sure baby is placed in the cot with their feet to the base and tuck blankets under the arms so the head neck and shoulders are free.

With breathable cotton you can make sure that whatever the weather your baby or toddler will always feel as free as a bird!

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