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Wheely Bug

Percy fell in love with this in an instant, naming the ladybird Gaston after the pet in Ben and Holly. At first she was a little wary as it moves in all directions, a little different to the forwards and backwards she has been used to. Within no time at all though she was racing up and down the patio ...

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Different Easter Gifts for Adults and Kids

Every year we look out for unusual and different Easter gifts that are a break for the norm. There are lots of children and adults that are not keen on chocolate (or are lactose intolerant) and so we bring you the best we’ve found as alternatives. We can’t promise our list will always be chocolate free but there are some ...

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Half of British Parents Dread Taking Their Children to Their Grandparents’ Homes

A new study from the UK’s leading money-saving brand has revealed the top locations that British parents dread taking their children, with events such as weddings, christenings and even grandparents homes topping the list. According to the poll, 61% of parents admit that their children’s mood sometimes plays a deciding factor in whether or not they will go out. According ...

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Staying Happy and Safe in the Sun

The weather in the UK at the moment could best be described as changeable. Basically no-one knows what the weather is going to be like from one hour to the next and even the official weather reports seem rather vague. I’ve lost count of the amount of times I’ve sent the boys to school in full coats etc as it ...

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Dressing Baby for Summer and Unpredictable British Weather

This summer has been strange as one moment we’re planning a barbecue as we feel the backs of our necks burn in the strong sunshine whilst the next we’re ushering guests inside as the heavens open and thunder threatens to penetrate the house. Knowing how to dress your baby or toddler for the weather is difficult as even the evening ...

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Top Tips for Encouraging Children to Try New Foods

When a child clamps their mouth shut and refuses to eat anything but their favourite spaghetti or pushes their plate away, determined not to eat the “yucky” food offered parents everywhere despair. While the firm “you’ll eat what you are given” ideal works brilliantly with some other children are less comfortable trying new foods. These tried and tested methods will ...

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Deluxe Travel Centre Tent from Juniper Star

UV Tent from Juniperstar

Sun safety is always a concern with babies and toddlers yet this ultra portable UV Tent from Juniperstar ensures any trip out is safe and fun. With UV filters, a comfortable ground sheet and breathable layers, this simple pop up design is genius in its simplicity and sure to become a staple of any summer household. Ideal for the beach ...

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Tomy Baby Monitor

Ok we’ll admit it, when Percy hasn’t needed a baby monitor during the day, we’ve used it as a walky talkie. It’s great for letting someone know in the kitchen that we need an extra coffee or that there’s someone on the phone! All that aside, this truly is the best baby monitor we’ve used, within seconds it was active ...

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