Can You Really Afford Designers at Your Fingertips?

I’ve been shopping this week and I’ve also been having a clear out. I can’t be the only female that spends wasted minutes every morning trying on different clothes only to find they no longer fit or accenuate areas I’d rather keep hidden. Unless you have designers at your fingertips and stylists on hand like Kim Kardashian, this will always be a problem. For me, anyhow.

My body changes shape throughout the month and I’ll admit it’s not as fit and slim as I’d like it to be. Even so, is it too much to expect my clothes to feel comfortable? I have my make up routine down to ten minutes, so why does it take an hour to decide on the right outfit for the day? This needed some thought and some change.

I realised a few things. 90% of my clothes are NEVER worn. I keep them in the hope they’ll fit some day, or through a misguided sense of charity to the cloth as I don’t want to feel wasteful by throwing a garment away. Some of them hold nice memories, memories of when my bank was flush and I happily shopped for new stuff with a friend. Others look great on the hanger, and I feel it would be a shame to give them away.

This has to stop. I also realised that I don’t try clothes on. I always believe they’ll fit just like on the mannequin or on the model on the internet. I’m a size 14 with an apple/ weeble type body and so this notion is actually quite crazy on my part. Through years of squeezing into clothes I’ve found getting dressed to be my most hated task of the day. Why can’t we just work in elasticated waists and pyjamas all day?

I needed to change, so I did, and I have.

It started with a big bag next to my wardrobe. Every morning, when I tried on clothes, if I didn’t like them, into the bag they would go. If they didn’t fit, they had one more outing (to account for body fluctuations during the month) and then they were relegated to donations for charity shops or as gifts for friends (friends without the apple body shape).

I then went shopping and tried on the clothes that caught my eye. I hated every second but now, I have a wardrobe full of clothes that fit. Getting dressed takes five minutes as I know I’ll wear one outfit and I won’t be constantly changing.

I also found a good site, (blatant plug for a friend here) who bring you designers at your fingertips. Right now, I adore mini skirts and plaid and this is what they have on offer, for delivery to the UK. I’m hooked.

mini-skirt plaid-mini-skirt red-mini-skirt

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