Caboo Carrier Review – A Close Parent Equals a Contented Child

I’ve been blessed with three children now, currently aged 5, 12 and 16 while I have numerous nieces and nephews. All of my children are different, in personality and looks. One thing I have learned, through trail and error, is that attachment parenting works.

My first born would not leave my side, and we co slept quite happily, much to the disdain of others who saw my first time motherhood as a green light to offer well meaning advice. My second born arrived at a time when the 4 hour rule was making a comeback. We should let children cry it out, we shouldn’t be giving into demands, the fact that I followed this advice still keeps me up at night.

By my third, I knew what worked best and kept her as close as possible at all times. The Caboo Soft Carrier from Close Parent helped with this, I’d tried many others but they all gave me immense back ache and had fastenings that would dig into my, and my baby’s, sides.

Caboo Carrier Review

The Caboo carrier has obviously been invented by a mother who understands a woman’s body post childbirth, a mother who understands the importance of comfort, a mother who has managed to replicate the feel of a hug, a cuddle, and constructed an indispensable tool for attachment parenting, or for any mother looking to keep baby close while getting on with her life.

A new study revealed why women often carry babies on their left side, and before the Caboo carrier this is exactly what i would do. Baby would wobble precariously on my hip as I used one hand to perform daily tasks, whether it was loading a washing machine or writing an article. Then we bought the Caboo. Although the website doesn’t mention this, I feel as though the Caboo actually helped with my backache. Throughout my final pregnancy I was plagued with SPD and found usual movements difficult. The Caboo takes the weight while supporting my frame, keeping baby snug as if I’m pregnant all over again. What’s more, dad can use it too, which was a real bonus, for those times when I needed a bath, or just a private visit to the loo.

I’m still in awe of the Caboo carrier and would not recommend another, as this ticks every box, and is one of those inventions where I wonder how we lived without it for so long.

It does of course win the Consumer Voice Top Product Award

Reviewed and Approved by The Consumer Voice
Reviewed and Approved by The Consumer Voice

Caboo Carrier

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