The Best Dance Workout DVDs for Lazy Mums Like Me!

I have occasionally signed up to a gym, enjoying the classes above all else but with three children I found that I just couldn’t justify the time. I would have to go when the children were in school or nursery which then cut into my working hours and left me working long after I’d put them all to bed.

The gym is a few miles away so when factoring in travel and changing it could be a full two hours before I was back at my desk. This is when I decided to use home workouts instead.

I’d tried quite a few in my younger years and always loved those that offered dance routines, they didn’t feel like working out somehow. As a teenager I’m ashamed to say it but my favourite dance workout video was Barbie.

It was a fun filled forty minutes where Jennifer Love Hewitt danced me through some moves that made me feel all energetic and LA like. I remember the bunny hop as if it was yesterday and am sad to see it’s only available to buy on VHS.

My tastes have evolved a little since then but I still love a dance workout. I like to think I’m learning some moves while burning those calories.

In my opinion these are the best dance workout DVDs for lazy mums like me.

I have a few that I use the most often these are:

Dirty Dancing

I always wanted to dance like baby and for a few minutes this makes me feel like I can (I can’t). At first, for me it was difficult learning the moves but after a few tries it came quite naturally. It’s not just the workout that I love though it’s the music too. There’s something about the film that lets me watch it again and again and never get bored, the workout DVD is the same.

Zumba Fitness

I first came across Zumba at the gym. The instructor was amazing, she made those of us with two left feet feel sexy as we danced to Zumba. She showed us how to wiggle our hips and encouraged us to step it up a notch to the high impact versions. I love doing this at home now and my daughters join in. They’ve learned some moves my mother in law wouldn’t approve of but we have great fun together and it’s always a DVD that lifts the spirits.

Bollywood Dance Workout

I started to fall in love with Bollywood dancing with Jive Ho on Slumdog Millionaire. I’d rewind the ending just to copy the moves. When dance workouts came available on DVD I snapped them up and this is by far the best. It eases you in gently so you don’t have to worry about mastering the shimmy, the jazz hands and the belly wiggle all at once.

Tabata DVD

I’m just about to try this one as it appeals to my lazy nature. Apparently it gives you the same effects as one hour’s worth of Cardio in just four minutes. It sounds quite radical but the celebrities are championing it, I’m just waiting until the house is empty in case I look like a panting hippo.

When no one is in the house, I’m also quite the fan of Anthony Cotton’s 70’s Disco Workout. I’ve no idea who Anthony Cotton is but it’s great music and great fun.

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