Back to School Survival Guide: 5 Buys to get you Through the Academic Year

With the start of the new academic year on the horizon, many parents may be feeling a little ruffled at the prospect of the return to the school run after the extended summer break.  To avoid feeling frazzled, and to make life a little easier during term time, here is a back to school survival guide featuring top five buys to help you sail through those school months.

B2S 11. The endless rounds of washing are one thing – removing stains from school shirts and PE kits are a whole new hassle.  To avoid the futility of the utility room, combat even the most stubborn of stains with ACE Gentle Classic.  A little bit of ACE Gentle Classic added to your wash will work wonders on tough stains, yet be gentle on even the most delicate clothes.  £1.99 for one litre in supermarkets.

2. Whether it’s organising a last minute costume request or helping with homework, haviB2S 2ng children in schoolcan mean parents don’t get much time to take care of themselves.  To stay healthy, and improve energy levels, vitamin supplements can work wonders.  Try Vegancity’s Multi Vitamin & Mineral £7.75 or, to help the kids to cocentrate, Health Plus Junior Multivit + Min £

B2S33. Colds, flu, coughs and sneezes – when you’re a parent you can’t stop just because you’re ill.  Avoid picking up bacteria and germs from hands, hard surfaces and furnishings by using Natrasan’s 100% natural and safe First Aid+ Spray.  It kills 99.9999% of harmful germs and uses the body’s own natural antiseptic to speed healing.  £7.00 for 100ml www.natrasanuk.comB2S4

4.Staying organised can be a challenge.  Never forget a school trip again by keeping up-to-date withthe family’s activities with this beautiful Weekly Planner Pad by Lollipop Designs.  £9.50 from www.notonthehighstreet.comB2S5

5. Finally, losing belongings is a stress we would all like to avoid, but especially when we are trying to get out of the door with children in tow.  Download the free app, My StuffFinder and keep track of anything from car keys to glasses, wallets and shoes.

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