Asda Grocery Website Woes

Living in a fairly rural area I am somewhat limited as to where I may do my “big” shop. Thankfully supermarket companies such as Sainsburys and Asda offer me a wider choice thanks to their online grocery delivery services.

Asda is my personal current favourite due to range of foods offered as well as the low prices (although the service from Sainsbury is outstanding, the deliveries flawless and of course then there are the rather swish-looking orange carrier bags…).

Unfortunately in my experience, and it would appear I am not the only one, many would like to see Asda up their game somewhat.

My main issue with Asda deliveries has to be the website. Like many online food shoppers I might book a slot earlier in the week, put the majority of the items I need in my basket and checkout, knowing that I have until a certain time the night before my delivery to go back in, add any items and checkout once more.

That is the usual plan anyway.

I have lost count of the amount of times I’ve logged back into find an error screen informing me that once more the website is down. This may last for days or hours and on numerous occasions I have had to ring customer service, being on hold for quite some time as others are also complaining about the issue, in order to cancel my order as I’m unable to edit it.

In addition to this I’ve been informed on several occasions that my order has been cancelled due a payment issue. Naturally my first port of call on hearing this has been to speak to my bank who each and every time have insisted that no claim for payment was made and that had it been my order would have been successful. Again I’m faced with the inconvenience of having no food shopping on the way with very little notice and a kitchen that would make Mother Hubbard look like a hoarder.

I could rant and rave all day on this subject as it has caused me no end of bother in the past however instead I am urging Asda to look at the issues I’ve mentioned so that so many disgruntled customers may continue to enjoy their extensive range and often unbeatable prices.

  • While the app seems less susceptible to errors than the main website I would very much like to see the end of the many glitches and time-outs.
  • Please identify the problems with your payment systems so that we may no longer suffer unnecessary delays due to orders cancelled for no good reason.
  • And PLEASE extend your lactose free range, as well as those ranges which cater for customers dealing with intolerances and allergies on a daily basis (this is a personal request!).

There is a reason that Asda wins so many awards and why they are so well liked; what I’m calling for is a little more attention to us customers who can’t get into your stores and who instead are left wanting by a service which currently doesn’t quite match up to competitors.

So what say you Asda?
It would be great down the line to be able to re-write this post and find ourselve award you a TCV Customer Service award or similar!

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