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A Silly Mistake Easily Sorted with Wrong Fuel Expert

Although it seems old fashioned to mention that women are treated differently in the automotive industry, sadly it’s true. Most of us have experienced the greasy mechanic that rubs his forehead as he makes up a price for fixing our car. Myself, no matter how controversial it may seem, I have experienced this a lot and it’s one of the reasons I used to leave car repairs to my dad and then when he passed away, my husband.

I know quite a lot about cars, gaining an agricultural HND I have a tractor and forklift licence and can repair minor faults. Yet I choose not to get involved much as there’s always something better to do. So I can seem a bit scatty. I WILL choose my car based on the colour, but I will also check miles to the gallon and performance too. I will make silly mistakes such as not topping up the oil, but not because I’m a woman, just because I’m busy.

Men make these mistakes too, it’s just women who seem to get the flack for it.

So when I put the wrong fuel in a hire vehicle I kicked myself. On the side of the busy road, I felt an absolute fool. I had my speech prepared for the mechanic that would turn up and was ready to lift my automotive qualifications to save a little of my damaged ego.

I needn’t have bothered, the guy who turned up made no shake of the head, he didn’t tut once, in fact he got straight to business to get me back on the road. As we chatted he told me that nearly a hundred people put the wrong fuel in a car per day, and it’s mostly hire cars that suffer.

There are some tasks in life that we do on autopilot. Have you ever driven to a friends and wonder where the time went? Although we seem to switch off when doing the familiar, like putting fuel in a car, we somehow manage to avoid danger.

The mechanic left and I was ready to drive away, almost disappointed that it hadn’t happened to my own car, as the engine seemed to purr after the clean. I was feeling pretty proud of myself though as it’s a mistake that’s easily covered up and the hire company, I think – don’t quote me, needn’t know anything about it – they do now!

It was quick, it was painless and it was done with a smile. It was daylight but I know should the guy have turned up in the middle of the night, I’d have felt safe as he took my safety seriously. Sometimes we get that service where the stress disappears in an instant as someone says, “leave it to me.” This was one of those times. The panic I felt was quickly replaced with a feeling of calm as I realised the problem was out of my hands.

For that, these guys  at Wrong Fuel Expert get the Customer Service of the Month Award and we highly recommend you keep their details close should you put the wrong fuel in a car!


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