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The Truth About LEDs from LEDZ

Since the dawn of the energy saving lightbulb we’ve been watching the LED with baited breath. Would these lights be our saviour? Would they bring back the generous glow we’d come to expect? Would they ease our economic conscience while lowering our energy bills and would they cast illumination into every nook and cranny, lighting our lives, and houses, like never before?

The short answer is no.

There have been many bold claims about LEDs and much success from those with a lot of money but unfortunately, for us, the common people, there’s just too much upheaval and cost involved with replacing our usual light systems with those suitable for LEDs. Until now.

Recently we came across an article on the Telegraph, that had also been shared on Facebook. It talked of how the manufacturer had invented some incredible type of LED and was about to change the world. Now, we have friends everywhere, and one of those friends is the founder of LEDZ, an LED company that is indeed, changing the lighting industry but bizarrely, they don’t often shout about it.

LEDZ are so immersed in product development that they forget about marketing the product. This usually works out quite well, as those in the industry understand the eminence of the products they create but for us, the average business owner or home owner, LEDZ remains invisible. We’d like to change that.

After reading the article a few questions hit us? Didn’t LEDZ do this years ago? Can they claim to be the first? Do the readers know they’re being duped a bit?

They claim their bulb mimics daylight and has a CRI above any other. The CRI is the colour refraction index and for a general home, a CRI of above 80 is rarely needed. (Even if you want a 60 Watt lightbulb effect). It’s how the colours are distorted, not nessecarily how bright the bulb is. They can make this claim even if it’s the filament (often made in China) that carries the index rather than the bulb.

Already LEDZ downlighters have a CRI of 80 or better, they have for some years, a score of 100 would actually be over the top!

If we want to make LEDs more accessible, more affordable, more like the bulbs they need to replace it’s the connectors we need to be focusing on.

LEDZ is paving the way with new AC LED technology which is evolving rapidly. This poses savings for fixtures in lamps and the home, allowing the brighter, better LEDs to become more mainstream. Along with the cost advantages, these new, smaller, more efficient, less bulky connectors will also save space, allowing for a reliable LED lighting system that can actually dim!

To find out more about LEDs, the science behind them and what needs to be done to enjoy the brightest of the bulbs in your own home, visit LEDZ. The leaders in LEDs before anyone made the claim!


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