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Nu Skin Age Loc

Nuskin ageloc

We don’t pretend to be scientists so we have absolutely no idea how the Nu Skin Age Loc serum and cleanser works but what we do know is it produces amazing results. We’re quite picky about skincare at The Consumer Voice and have often overlooked many brands due to the drying natures or unsuitability for combination skins. These leave a ...

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Penny Skateboard Review

Penny Skateboard

We’ve been playing on this all winter and now spring is here we thought it best to deliver our Penny Skateboard review

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Bearfaced Groceries Review

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Heston Blumenthal Precision Scales Review

Heston Blumental Precision scales

Usually when kitchen appliances and digital displays combine there’s frustration as everyone must learn how to use the new device (or maybe at The Consumer Voice Towers we’re just a bit thick!). Anyhow, these scales were ready to use in a jiffy. Easy to use your own bowl without weighing it and doing complicated sums, quite simply genius. Love it. ...

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Oxo Toddler Cups

oxo tot review

The snack cup is the best invention for toddlers we’ve seen for a while. Percy loves to keep grapes in it and will carry it around upside down everywhere she goes. The carpet stays clean but she always has her snacks on hand.. highly recommended.

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Galt Marble Racer

Galt Marble Racer

By Martina Mercer We’re always pretty positive here at the Consumer Voice and approach every product as if we already love it. This makes many of our reviews positive which is great for you as you can find out what to buy. In situations like this though, with the Galt review, we feel we should have been a little more conservative ...

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Visualsoft – What Your Store Needs to Survive Online


By Martina Mercer At the Consumer Voice we deal with a lot of PR and marketing companies, most of whom are very nice indeed and do a wonderful job promoting their client’s products. Occasionally we deal direct with the product inventor or the founder of a new eCommerce store and worry a little that they may be trying to do it ...

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We were looking forward to writing up our tagamoto review. We went off Scaletrix a while ago, as it seemed to take ages to put together and the same amount of time to dismantle. This little set is not as sophistiated but it’s a great toy for any age. From our 2 and half year old to our 35 year ...

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Tomy Baby Monitor


Ok we’ll admit it, when Percy hasn’t needed a baby monitor during the day, we’ve used it as a walky talkie. It’s great for letting someone know in the kitchen that we need an extra coffee or that there’s someone on the phone! All that aside, this truly is the best baby monitor we’ve used, within seconds it was active ...

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Mobile Ease Service Review

iPhone repairs London

It’s amazing that it’s not until your smartphone breaks that you realise just how much you use it. The one in question for me was an iPhone 5. I’d been sent a gooey case to review which I adored as it allowed me to stick my phone to anywhere. It made me feel like a trekky as I swiped along ...

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