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ProCook Cast Iron Cookware

As I hit my late twenties I began to look lovingly at pans. A concept quite alien to me before, I suddenly realised why my mum often drooled over pans costing a fortune. Following the crowd, I bit the bullet and forked out for a set of saucepans from a leading brand *cough* Crueset. These were a disappointment from the ...

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Gourmet Gadgetry Popcorn Maker

When we first opened this gourmet gadgetry popcorn maker we thought it couldn’t possibly feed  family of five. All of us are addicted to snacks and popcorn is one of our favourites. We had the movie ready and the popcorn maker in the middle of the coffee table with the bowl underneath. We also had our flavourings from butter to ...

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Moonpig Breakfast in Bed Hamper

Moonpig Breakfast in Bed Hamper Review in time for Mother’s Day Moonpig have long since dominated the market on personalised cards so it makes sense that they’d introduce gifts too. Our first experience of these was the breakfast in bed hamper. For the price we didn’t expect a lot, so many hampers are such a disappointment as you realise you ...

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Oxo Toddler Cups

The snack cup is the best invention for toddlers we’ve seen for a while. Percy loves to keep grapes in it and will carry it around upside down everywhere she goes. The carpet stays clean but she always has her snacks on hand.. highly recommended.

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Ragged Rose Apron

We fought over this apron at The Consumer Voice as it is the first we’ve seen that actually flatters the figure. Our under 40 reviewers were quite skeptical about wearing a pinny until they saw this. It’s removed the old notions that pinnies are just for grandparents as with a contemporary colour combined with a traditional floral design it makes ...

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