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Living Well Gym Review

Jamie is an active member of The Consumer Voice and passionate about good customer service. He’s also the founder of an incredible not for profit company, Nic’s Legacy which he began when his wife passed away. You can find out more at www.nicslegacy.org.

He sent us details of his recent visit to LivingWell Health and Fitness Clubs as he believes they should be championed for their excellent service, here’s his full Living Well Gym review

LivingWell Health Clubs – My First Visit

I hadn’t been to a gym for nearly twenty years, but as age (and a road accident) take their toll, I decided to bite the bullet, and join a gym. I’d beat the New Year rush and feel like an old hand when that rush starts.
Before I got too far ahead of myself, I had thought about what it was that I wanted to achieve; my ‘love handles’ were capable of life and thought of their own, I was a bit more fraught than taut.

As I was explaining my thinking to my friend, I mentioned that I wasn’t too keen on stepping out, clad in Lycra, all out of breath and red faced (have you tried putting that sort of gear on?) to a room full of people that I didn’t know, had never seen before. The phrase ‘run naked through a Bee farm covered in honey’ seemed to escape my lips.

I suppose the thing to remember is that in reality, every single person in a gym has gone through that ‘new gym’ feeling, not only do they know how it feels, they will also know exactly how I am feeling.


A warm welcome is crucial to any business, but for a gym, even more so.

The staff at my local LivingWell were fantastic; creating a personalised fitness plan that not only fitted with my needs, but also my capabilities.
The first few sessions were painful; I started aching in places that I didn’t know were actual places, but I soon got into the feel of it.

It only took me about a month to start feeling the benefit, the constant aches and pains that had featured for such a big part of my life were no longer quite as noticeable, I could stand for longer periods of time and my ankle was getting stronger.

I seem to have found the magic pill; the older I am getting, the younger I am feeling! I have absolutely no doubt that shedding a few kilos has played a big part in my daily health, but it’s more than that. I would quite often find myself a little out of breath, not gasping for air but certainly breathing harder whilst carrying out normal daily things. I think it was around week 5 that I noticed a difference, I didn’t even think about it at first, you could almost hear the cogs whirring – then it dawned on me!

I would have to say that whilst joining a gym wasn’t originally high on my list of life’s priorities, a few months of sensible training, working to the plan that was drawn up for me and a little dedication has done wonders for me, I think I am a convert and tell everyone just how good it has been for me. And that’s the easy part; I don’t have to ‘casually’ drop it in to the conversation, most people notice straight away and ask me about it!


Well done LivingWell, you’ve earned this!


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Martina Mercer is an award winning freelance digital marketer and copywriter. She founded The Consumer Voice on just £4.99 and now delivers expert consumer advice as the Consumer Voice's spokesperson on the BBC.

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