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Comparing the Big Six Energy Companies


This guest post has been contributed by the energy experts at Money Mate. Money Mate understand the need for reducing business energy rates as well as residential ones and so take the hard work out of the task of finding appropriate tariffs and best prices. This enables businesses to better spend their time making money rather than spending it on gas and electricity.

What are the “Big Six”
The Big Six are the six energy suppliers who supply residential and business electricity and gas to the largest number of customers and geographical areas in the UK. These are the big companies whose names are easy to recognise and after the energy sector in the UK was privatised in 1990 there has been little competition from other established companies or new ones to the market.

Who Exactly Are the Big Six
The Big Six companies in no particular order are British Gas, E.ON UK, EDF Energy, N Power, SSE and Scottish Power.

British Gas
Of the six companies who make up the Big Six British Gas, a Centrica subsidiary, is the largest provider who supplies gas and electricity in the UK serving over 20 million consumers. Scottish Gas in Scotland and Direct Energy in North America are both also run under the Centrica umbrella. Centrica is a UK based company whose headquarters may be found in Windsor.

Supplying over 5.3 million businesses and homes across the United Kingdom, E.ON are a well-known brand. They previously traded under the name Powergen until it was bought out and taken over by the German E.ON AG and rebranded in 2002. E.ON AG boasts the largest electricity service in the world, serving over 26 million customers.

EDF Energy
EDF produces the largest amount of electricity for its customers in the UK. It is owned by the French company EDF SA (a state owned company) and supplies a significant 20 million customers in the UK.

Supplying gas and electricity to over six and a half million business and residential customers in the UK, as well as supplying the gas and electricity for those who choose to be customers of the Utility Warehouse Discount Club, Npower has a significant presence in the UK.

Once known as Scottish and Southern the Scottish-registered SSE gas and electricity supplier now trades under different names in different regions. If you get your business energy or residential supply from SSE Southern Electric, SSE SWALEC, SSE Scottish Hydro or SEE you are being supplied by the same company.

Scottish Power
When audited in 2012 Scottish Power was the smallest of the energy companies supplying the UK, covering just over 5.2 million customers, not too far behind Npower. This still represents a significant portion of business and residential customers, earning Scottish Power a place in the Big Six.
Comparing the Big Six
If you are looking for the most competitive deal on your business gas and electricity you could spend hours talking to each individual company, painstakingly poring over tariff information and account perks, looking for the best “true deal”. It might save you both time and money however to let us here at Money Mate do the hard work for you. We compare not only the Big Six; we look at a number of the bigger companies out there so as to put together a bespoke price individual to your needs.

What price you pay depends not only on the company you choose as factors such as your usage, geographical area and more need to be taken into account for maximum savings. We also offer great incentives for your customers while bringing you unique discounts on business insurance, cyber insurance, gas, electricity and telecoms.


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