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Home Monitor

home monitor

We had quite the debate in TCV Towers when this came in, just what would we use it for? Should we spy on granny at the drinks cabinet? Should we spy on bickering kids to see “who started it” or should we see what really happens in the “man cave” We chose none of the above feeling it was an ...

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HP Envy Review

HP Envy Review

Believe it or not we don’t like posting bad reviews and we do think long and hard before doing it. We also take into consideration the customer care we receive if we do come across a faulty product and give the retailer every chance to redeem themselves and to show us why their product is so great or even tell ...

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The Truth About LEDs from LEDZ

LEDZ LED Lighting

Since the dawn of the energy saving lightbulb we’ve been watching the LED with baited breath. Would these lights be our saviour? Would they bring back the generous glow we’d come to expect? Would they ease our economic conscience while lowering our energy bills and would they cast illumination into every nook and cranny, lighting our lives, and houses, like ...

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How Will Virtual Reality Affect Businesses?

cloudswave virtual reality

It wasn’t so long ago that we attended the RBTE and spoke to retail technology experts about the advancements while discussing the demise of the bricks and mortar store. This, investigation and discussion was held with the internet in mind, with data, analytics and automatic customer service. Now, there’s a new boy in town and it’s set to take businesses ...

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The Big Con That is Satellite Internet from BeyonDSL Review

BeyonDSL Review

If you live in a city, you’ve probably never had cause to consider satellite internet or to look up a BeyonDSL Review, your choices are unlimited, but for some, if we want an internet connection, we must pay through the nose for a satellite internet one. When I moved to the Devon forests, I foolishly thought that any connection problems ...

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Top Tips to Avoid Writers Block


If you write for a living then writer’s block is something to be avoided at all costs. Yet with the pressure of constantly creating ideas sometimes the well can dry up. Luckily, the productivity website Stop Procrastinating conducted a survey with 2000 writers to find out what techniques they use to beat writer’s block. The 25 techniques they writers came ...

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Gourmet Gadgetry Popcorn Maker

cv gourmet gadgetry

When we first opened this gourmet gadgetry popcorn maker we thought it couldn’t possibly feed  family of five. All of us are addicted to snacks and popcorn is one of our favourites. We had the movie ready and the popcorn maker in the middle of the coffee table with the bowl underneath. We also had our flavourings from butter to ...

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Top Tips for Boosting your Broadband

Optical fiber

It is without doubt one of life’s most frequent annoyances, whether it happens while gaming online or browsing the web, when a webpage doesn’t load or the buffering symbol interrupts a film. A poor Wi-Fi connection has affected us all and as more and more Wi-Fi routers appear, it is gradually getting worse. The strength of a Wi-Fi connection can ...

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APEX M800 Gaming Keyboard Review by Teen Gamer


I think that the apex m800 is a great keyboard it feels nice to use and it doesn’t make as much noise as other mechanical keyboards. It is great for gamers as it logs every touch no matter how slight so that you can play to the best of your ability. Editor’s Note:  We’ve had such great feedback on the ...

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Is It Beaconing Too Much? How New Beacon Technology Makes Every Day Simpler

beacon estimote

Here at The Consumer Voice, we always champion new initiatives to enhance the customer experience. We believe that those brands who truly care about customer care should be rewarded in the form of loyalty and profits. One retailer we always use as a sterling example online is Amazon as they seem to have a firm handle on how to please ...

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