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Spring is in the Air


Spring is in the Air If we’re not mistaken we’re sure we can see the sunshine poking through fat snow clouds out of the office windows. This must mean that spring is in the air and with spring comes summer products, summer shopping and summer customer care. We have a lot of exciting news to come over the next few ...

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ProCook Cast Iron Cookware

cast iron cookware procook

As I hit my late twenties I began to look lovingly at pans. A concept quite alien to me before, I suddenly realised why my mum often drooled over pans costing a fortune. Following the crowd, I bit the bullet and forked out for a set of saucepans from a leading brand *cough* Crueset. These were a disappointment from the ...

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Biochef Kitchen Utensils


We’ve taken a long time to produce a review of biochef kitchen utensils from Judge – on purpose. We receive a lot of utensils at TCV and are often disappointed with how short their life span is. They also seem to have problems, they don’t store easily, they get too hot, they look awful after use and they scratch the non ...

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Jaw Saw from Worx

worx jaw saw review

You are probably aware that my family loves gardening. A quick trip to www.theyounggardener.com will prove that, however a chainsaw is one item we’ve always avoided ( but needed ). Our local parish council kept complaining about our conker tree over hanging the public footpath and despite my best efforts with loppers something stronger was needed. Reluctantly I began looking ...

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Home Monitor

home monitor

We had quite the debate in TCV Towers when this came in, just what would we use it for? Should we spy on granny at the drinks cabinet? Should we spy on bickering kids to see “who started it” or should we see what really happens in the “man cave” We chose none of the above feeling it was an ...

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A Diary of Summer Events with the RHS

Garden Furniture 3

The Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) is welcoming guests to a huge range of exciting talks and events at its four gardens this summer – RHS Garden Wisley in Surrey, RHS Garden Hyde Hall in Essex, RHS Garden Harlow Carr in North Yorkshire and RHS Garden Rosemoor in Devon. Highlights will include plenty of summer evenings with live entertainment, a striking ...

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We’re a Nation of Happy Campers, Reveals The Caravan Club

Group Of Friends Relaxing Outside Tents On Camping Holiday

Remember, if you’re towing a caravan this summer, it’s important your car is in tip top condition in order to ensure your safety. MOTs and car services take just minutes now with sites like Motor Quoters who bring you the best local garages that you can filter by location, price of service or convenience (pick ups, drop offs, courtesy cars ...

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Back to School Survival Guide: 5 Buys to get you Through the Academic Year


With the start of the new academic year on the horizon, many parents may be feeling a little ruffled at the prospect of the return to the school run after the extended summer break.  To avoid feeling frazzled, and to make life a little easier during term time, here is a back to school survival guide featuring top five buys ...

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Are Homes with Water Meters Pouring Money Down the Drain?


The average UK household with a water meter is at risk of pouring money down the drain, according to research carried out by e-retailer AppliancesDirect.co.uk. As the Government looks to roll out the scheme across the country and almost half of UK households now have water meters, every drop of water counts as it’s added to the bill. The survey has ...

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Gourmet Gadgetry Popcorn Maker

cv gourmet gadgetry

When we first opened this gourmet gadgetry popcorn maker we thought it couldn’t possibly feed  family of five. All of us are addicted to snacks and popcorn is one of our favourites. We had the movie ready and the popcorn maker in the middle of the coffee table with the bowl underneath. We also had our flavourings from butter to ...

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