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Get Your Retail Sales Booming in 2018


November 16th Every retailer experiences drop in sales once in a while. This is inevitable and must happen one time or another regardless of what you sell. It might be due to causes beyond your control such as seasonal sales slump, adverse policies or reduction in foot traffic due to projects around your location. Whatever the reasons are, here are ...

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The Leesa Mattress Review


We’ve been reviewing mattresses and seeing if they live up to their claims. Do you really need to only buy one for life? Do they really support every joint while being soft and comfortable too? What is better, memory foam or springs, or should we choose a combination? Some have readily agreed to let us test these for ourselves. Leesa ...

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How to Ensure You Choose a PPC Agency that Will Make You Money

PPC Agencies

I’ve been spending some time looking into PPC and PPC Agencies. I’m a marketer who tends to avoid PPC as I’ll admit, despite training with Google, I really don’t think I’ve the skills for it. It takes a lot of precision and there are very few companies out there who won’t use a client’s account to “test the market” resulting ...

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How Will Virtual Reality Affect Businesses?

cloudswave virtual reality

It wasn’t so long ago that we attended the RBTE and spoke to retail technology experts about the advancements while discussing the demise of the bricks and mortar store. This, investigation and discussion was held with the internet in mind, with data, analytics and automatic customer service. Now, there’s a new boy in town and it’s set to take businesses ...

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Penny Skateboard Review

Penny Skateboard

We’ve been playing on this all winter and now spring is here we thought it best to deliver our Penny Skateboard review

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Moonpig Have the Opportunity to Excel – Will They Take It?


Summary: Martina Mercer, marketing director of Money Mate, explains how the recent furore surrounding Moonpig could end up being beneficial for the brand as long as they toe the line… There are a lot of angry customers right now who are shooting down Moonpig on social media, and venting their frustrations to anyone who will listen. The reason? Moonpig’s failed ...

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Shopping for Discounts and the Best Places to Get Them

BrandStreet is welcoming new local businesses in Weybridge onto their free platform

Shopping for Discounts and the Best Places to Get Them It will surprise few people to hear that nowadays purchases need to be considered much more carefully than perhaps they would have been in the past. The UK has been hit hard in recent years with the economy failing, people losing their jobs and the prices of everything from gas ...

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50% of eCommerce website problems unidentified

ecommerce website problems

50% of eCommerce website problems are undetected by major UK and US brands due to lack of visibility of the customer experience, according to research launched today by User Replay.  Key retail stats: ·         90% of retailers admit they could improve their Online Customer Experience via desktops; 84% say the same for mobile ·         Only 19% of retailers are able ...

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The True Cost of Cheap Botox


We caught up with the best Botox clinic in Hull to discuss the true cost of cheap Botox. Eve Bird is the owner of Botastic and constantly despairs at clients who ask for cheap Botox without any thought to the consequences this could pose for their face. Botox is a trade name for a prescription drug boticilin but is often ...

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The Consumer Rights Act 2015

On the 1st October 2015 the Consumer Rights Act 2015 comes into force. This consolidates and repeals a number of Acts. From October 1st you will need to quote the Consumer Rights Act 2015 instead of the Sale of Goods Act. Here are some things you should know: Purchases made from the 1st October 2015 are covered by the new ...

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