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HP Envy Review

HP Envy Review

Believe it or not we don’t like posting bad reviews and we do think long and hard before doing it. We also take into consideration the customer care we receive if we do come across a faulty product and give the retailer every chance to redeem themselves and to show us why their product is so great or even tell ...

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Amazon Get it Right

good customer care

I strongly believe that in these tough economic times we should be made to feel valued when we choose to part with our hard earned cash. As consumers we may not realise it but we are in fact in control at the moment, not only do we dictate when a store has a sale, we are also realising its our ...

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Experts Reveal Scams and How You Can Avoid Them


By Martina Mercer Only yesterday I had a little rant on Facebook urging my friends to stop falling for the scams that kept showing up in my news feed. It wasn’t until some told me that they were unaware of the new social media low that I realised my initial news didn’t reach as many as I hoped. So here’s an ...

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Companies Aren’t Taking Consumer’s Privacy Seriously


New White Paper Looks At How GDPR Will Impact both Business and Consumers DST (NYSE: DST), a global provider of specialised technology, strategic advisory, and operations outsourcing to the financial and healthcare industries, and DataIQ, a specialist in data governance, research, and audit, today released the first in a series of white papers addressing the potential impact of upcoming General ...

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Comparing the Big Six Energy Companies


  This guest post has been contributed by the energy experts at Money Mate. Money Mate understand the need for reducing business energy rates as well as residential ones and so take the hard work out of the task of finding appropriate tariffs and best prices. This enables businesses to better spend their time making money rather than spending it ...

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Moonpig Have the Opportunity to Excel – Will They Take It?


Summary: Martina Mercer, marketing director of Money Mate, explains how the recent furore surrounding Moonpig could end up being beneficial for the brand as long as they toe the line… There are a lot of angry customers right now who are shooting down Moonpig on social media, and venting their frustrations to anyone who will listen. The reason? Moonpig’s failed ...

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5 Easy Ways to Save on Home Insurance Premiums


Use these tips to help save on your home insurance premiums. 1. Increase your excess The excess is the initial part of a claim that you must pay and is a standard feature of all insurance policies. If you lower the excess it is often one of the easiest ways to reduce the cost of your premiums and it can ...

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Shopping for Discounts and the Best Places to Get Them

BrandStreet is welcoming new local businesses in Weybridge onto their free platform

Shopping for Discounts and the Best Places to Get Them It will surprise few people to hear that nowadays purchases need to be considered much more carefully than perhaps they would have been in the past. The UK has been hit hard in recent years with the economy failing, people losing their jobs and the prices of everything from gas ...

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European Court of Justice rules on airline delay compensation

International Departtures Terminal Business Travel Transportation Flight Concept

  The European Court of Justice (ECJ) has ruled that airline passengers can claim compensation for delays caused by technical faults. In October 2014 the Supreme Court ruled that consumers had six years to claim compensation for delays and upheld the ruling that technical difficulties are not ‘extraordinary circumstances’ for the purposes of a compensation claim. The Dutch airline KLM ...

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The Consumer Rights Act 2015

On the 1st October 2015 the Consumer Rights Act 2015 comes into force. This consolidates and repeals a number of Acts. From October 1st you will need to quote the Consumer Rights Act 2015 instead of the Sale of Goods Act. Here are some things you should know: Purchases made from the 1st October 2015 are covered by the new ...

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