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Nu Skin Age Loc

Nuskin ageloc

We don’t pretend to be scientists so we have absolutely no idea how the Nu Skin Age Loc serum and cleanser works but what we do know is it produces amazing results. We’re quite picky about skincare at The Consumer Voice and have often overlooked many brands due to the drying natures or unsuitability for combination skins. These leave a ...

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Tips for Eye Health on National Eye Health Awareness Week

National Eye Health Week takes place on 21 – 27 September 2015 and aims to make people more aware of how to prevent eye problems. Eye care charities, organisations and health professionals from across the UK are joining together to promote the importance of eye health and the need for regular sight tests for all. National Eye Health Week has been established to communicate ...

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Staying Happy and Safe in the Sun


The weather in the UK at the moment could best be described as changeable. Basically no-one knows what the weather is going to be like from one hour to the next and even the official weather reports seem rather vague. I’ve lost count of the amount of times I’ve sent the boys to school in full coats etc as it ...

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Lush William Morris Hamper

Lush Hamper

It’s a little known fact that we adore William Morris designs, whether on fabrics or on the box of a hamper like this. This set offers the perfect pampering experience throughout the  season with a range of bath bombs that tickle the senses and soften the skin. Ideal for someone special, these make the summer  nights pure heaven and come ...

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actipatch review

By Martina Mercer It’s sad but true that when you get to 30 aches and pains no longer have a reason. It’s a sign of aging and a reminder that we’re not as young as we used to be. Many know this, that’s why relievers are so popular. We were skeptical about one that used tens technology though. We can’t deny ...

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Richibrown Organic Natox

richi brown organic natox review

We won’t lie, our editor has Botox. We’re quite pleased as it means she can test out the clinics around the UK too. She’s always looking for new ways to enhance her cheekbones, whiten teeth or erase a double chin and so this seemed like a great idea. It was. It claims that it takes three weeks to work, we ...

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Aerosure Medic is a new drug-free respiratory therapy device that is designed to reduce breathlessness and improve mucus clearance. It does exactly what it promises. It feels quite odd at first but there’s no denying that it really does clear out the lungs. Our reviewer has COPD, along with signs of developing emphysema and this product made her feel as ...

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Seascape Sleep Oil

Seascape Soothe Sleep Oil

Taking pure lavender essential oil to a new level. We all know that Lavender is ideal for helping anyone of any age drift into the land of nod. Essential oil is usually priced higher than this great product that contains a generous amount that’s easy to apply. No longer do you have to shake and hope for the best with ...

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Baylis and Harding Strawberries and Cream

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There’s no denying that Baylis and Harding is popular, it dons the shelves of every good supermarket and sits comfortably in the luxury yet affordable price brackets. This product is no different. It seems there’s no end to their talents as now they’re bringing out a range of super fragrant, intensly rich, deeply cleansing bath treats in a range of ...

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