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Comparing the Big Six Energy Companies

This guest post has been contributed by the energy experts at City Plumbing Supplies. City Plumbing provide boilers and home energy appliances that reduce energy consumption and ensure you make the most of every watt. They have smart room thermostats available along with a range of combi boilers, radiators and more to keep your home running smoothly and comfortably for ...

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Penny Skateboard Review

We’ve been playing on this all winter and now spring is here we thought it best to deliver our Penny Skateboard review

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Different Easter Gifts for Adults and Kids

Every year we look out for unusual and different Easter gifts that are a break for the norm. There are lots of children and adults that are not keen on chocolate (or are lactose intolerant) and so we bring you the best we’ve found as alternatives. We can’t promise our list will always be chocolate free but there are some ...

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The Big Con That is Satellite Internet from BeyonDSL Review

BeyonDSL Review

If you live in a city, you’ve probably never had cause to consider satellite internet or to look up a BeyonDSL Review, your choices are unlimited, but for some, if we want an internet connection, we must pay through the nose for a satellite internet one. When I moved to the Devon forests, I foolishly thought that any connection problems ...

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Money Mate Review and Award

The Consumer Voice Award

Money Mate Review There’s one new kid on the block that is offering customers a chance to save and earn money on everyday products. Simply through sharing their site with friends you can save up to 100% on popular bills such as broadband, home insurance, gas, electricity and telecoms. It sounds too good to be true but it really isn’t. ...

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Moonpig Have the Opportunity to Excel – Will They Take It?


Summary: Martina Mercer, marketing director of Money Mate, explains how the recent furore surrounding Moonpig could end up being beneficial for the brand as long as they toe the line… There are a lot of angry customers right now who are shooting down Moonpig on social media, and venting their frustrations to anyone who will listen. The reason? Moonpig’s failed ...

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Bearfaced Groceries Review

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Recipe : Banana Drizzle Loaf

This week we’ve been reviewing Bearfaced groceries and we used the bananas from their box to create a brand new recipe. This banana loaf is free from stodge and is exclusive to us, created by our founder, Martina Mercer (also known as BatMum) Here it is: Ingredients: 140 grams butter 140 grams sugar 180 grams plain flour 3 eggs 3 ...

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Last Minute Stocking Fillers – Reviewed and Approved

Noble Isle In a cute Christmas stocking or in a soldier washbag these aromatic toiletries are true decadence for a stocking. We love it for guests who stay over at Christmas as it gives them a warm welcome and makes them feel really cared for! Union Jack Ukulele Bare Conductive Glowing House Set Bare Conductive’s kits provide a great activity ...

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The Best Bedside Lights for All Year Round

We’ve been looking for the best bedside lights and think we’ve found some that are definitely different and a pleasure to own. These are ideal for children but also look great in an office or fun bedroom. Here’s our pick of the best. For The Puzzler Rubiks Cube The Rubiks Cube light is amazing, as it seems to shine multiple ...

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