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5 ways employees can avoid trips

Workplace safety is mainly down to the employer who has a duty of care to take all reasonable measures to make sure the area is safe. However, it is important for employees to be mindful of their own safety and to take ownership of minimising trips and falls. Having an accident is never fun, as anyone who has slipped or ... Read More »

Yorkshire Letting Agent Lets Landlord Break ALL The Rules

We were very proud of the house

 Yorkshire Letting Agent Lets Landlord Break All the Rules With news circulating such as the family forced to live in squalid conditions by a landlord and petitions to introduce stricter controls over lettings agents, we wanted to share a true life tenancy story straight from the horse’s mouth.  Although until court cases are over some parts are still allegations, all ... Read More »

Is there a compensation culture? The government thinks so


Is there an over reliance on rules and a lack of personal responsibility in the workplace? The Conservative party certainly think so. Chris Grayling, the Justice Secretary, recently announced new laws to address what he sees as a drift towards a compensation culture in the UK. The Social Action, Responsibility and Heroism Bill will be debated in the House of ... Read More »

What employers should be doing when temperatures rise

“It ain’t half-hot, Mum!”With temperatures hitting 32C and heat waves the order of the day for a while longer staff complaints about high temperatures in the office are almost guaranteed. Generally when the temperature heats up someone will voice the view that if it gets hotter than 25 degrees or 27 degrees that employees do not have to work. There ... Read More »

New ISO health and safety certification will cover suppliers and the local community


A new ISO standard for occupational health and safety management that is soon be published promises to act as a comprehensive level of certification for companies, not just in the UK but around the world. The new certification has incorporated contributions from 50 countries and international organisations and proposals are currently going through the ISO approval process before being rolled ... Read More »

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