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Remove the Risk of Christmas Shopping with The Consumer Voice Gift Guides

Top ten Gifts of 2014

Christmas is coming and as always we’re here to ensure you, the consumer, bag bargains galore. We’re looking out for you, testing every “best buy”, seeking out the best products and letting you know if you should invest your money with our unrivalled gift guides. This year we’re bringing you many gift guides so you can remove the risk of ... Read More »

Our Car Safety Feature Concludes with a Look at the Diono Montery 2

Our product of the month award goes to the Diono Montery 2 car seat

As part of our Health and Safety campaign we’ve been reviewing multiple car seats, from Maxi Cosi to Recarro and of course, this, the Diono Montery 2. Our car safety investigations were spurred by the torrent of news that highlighted some parent’s ignorance of leaving their child unattended in a hot car on a blistering hot day. Many of the ... Read More »

Back to School Specials: Win with SMIGGLE!

smiggle freebies

Smiggle are the hottest new stationary brand that have brightened up classrooms across the globe. We’ve tried and tested their wonderful products and we’re hooked, so we’re offering a selection to you at home. From an electric pencil sharpener to a lion lunch box, macaroon erasers and football rubbers, we have a lovely little bundle for one of you lovely ... Read More »

6 Ways employers can reduce stress

2014-03-29 15.30.51

1. Introduce employee feedback for managers Typically managers are the ones communicating to employees about their job performing. However, sometimes managers can benefit from feedback  on their work practices as a way to identify and tackle bad practices like being unapproachable or overly negative to their teams. When used properly upward feedback helps managers to identify problem areas in their ... Read More »

Martina Mercer Announced as a Finalist in the National mumandworking Awards!

Martina Mercer is a finalist in the Most Inspirational Business Parent category

The National mumandworking Awards 2014 will be held at ‘Campus London’ on Thursday October 16 and Martina Mercer, is amongst the finalists in the category most inspirational business parent!  These major, high profile awards promote and celebrate those organisations and individuals who are shining examples of how flexible, family-friendly working opportunities empower working parents to achieve their full potential and ... Read More »

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