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The Ultimate Christmas Gift Guide

Our Christmas Gift Guide 2014 is here, allowing you to take the risk out of shopping online. We’ll be bringing you the best products which have been tried and tested, with rave reviews, to help you with those tough festive decisions. We want to help you give fabulous gifts to your friends and family, so we’ve only chosen the very ... Read More »

Yodel ‘Delay’ heehoo – Can The Couriers Keep Up?


30 years ago if I were to say the word yodel, people would think of a nice chap half way up a mountain in lederhosen doing his ‘yodelling’, however, now when the word yodel is mentioned people shiver with fear, why I hear you ask? Well, yodel no longer represents the fun loving guys who have the gift of yodelling, ... Read More »

Cheap elf on the Shelf Ideas, Gifts and Merriment

2014-12-05 08.38.16-2

I love the elf on the shelf trend, I don’t care if it makes parents spend more money on Christmas, I personally think it helps make the whole month magical and can remind parents of the magic too. I first started Elf on the Shelf when Poppy and Mitch were 10 and 6. My cousin had some wonderful ideas and ... Read More »

Comparing the Big Six Energy Companies


  This guest post has been contributed by the energy experts at Business Save. Business Save understand the need for reducing business energy rates as well as residential ones and so take the hard work out of the task of finding appropriate tariffs and best prices. This enables businesses to better spend their time making money rather than spending it ... Read More »

Top Ten Gifts for Crafters


We’ve put together our top ten gifts for the crafter in your life, be it carpentry, crochet, card or sewing. These presents are sure to delight! Here’s our top ten gifts for crafters DoCrafts Ribbon for Foodies, Ribbon for Crafts If you’re looking for ribbon look no further than DoCrafts. Not only can you buy it by a small roll ... Read More »

  • Staying Happy and Safe in the Sun
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  • Richibrown Organic Natox
  • Seascape Sleep Oil
  • Nu Skin Age Loc
  • Lush William Morris Hamper
  • Baylis and Harding Strawberries and Cream